42105-Maksim Shavrikov photo

Maksim Shavrikov



Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Vision impairment
T11, F11
Artur Zalaldinov

Further personal information

Volgograd, RUS

Sport specific information

Why this sport?
At age 11 he joined an organisation that offered rehabilitation for children with an impairment. He was forbidden to do sports by doctors as he had asthma, but the condition improved after he got involved in vocal and piano exercises. He was then allowed to do sports and took part in a local competition for people with an impairment. His talent was spotted by coach Sergey Globa, who invited him to start training for long jump.
Club / Team
Volgograd Regional Centre of Adaptive Sports Development [RUS] / Ulyanovsk Adaptive Sports School [RUS]:
Name of coach
Vladislav Agapov, RUS; Vyacheslav Romanov, RUS

General interest

Awards and honours
He has received the title of Master of Sport in the Russian Federation. (, 27 Feb 2021;, 18 Dec 2020)
To win a gold medal at the Paralympic Games. (, 22 Jul 2017)
His vision began to deteriorate following a birth trauma. (, 29 Nov 2016)