Nathalie Morin

Nordic Skiing


Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Vision impairment
Origin of Impairment
B3, B3

Further personal information

Husband Michel, daughter Melisande

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She and her husband were cross country skiers before her diagnosis around 1990. After more than a decade away from skiing, her husband convinced her to return to the sport in 2003 to help deal with her loss of vision. It was in that year she decided to pursue skiing at an elite level, and joined the Villard-de-Lans Ski Club.
Why this sport?
In 2003 her husband, Michel, took her to the para-biathlon and nordic ski world cup in the French Alps. Michel says at first she refused to get out of the car as it was hard for her to accept "this image of disabled competitors that she now saw in herself in the mirror." However, he convinced her to give it a try, and she quickly developed a passion for nordic skiing.
Club / Team
Vercors Handisport: Grenoble, FRA

General interest

Reading, watching movies, listening to music, travelling. (VANOC, 12 Feb 2010)
At age 23, as she was about to be married, she was diagnosed with a form of retinitis pigmentosa, which by 2010 had left her with about five degrees of vision. The condition will eventually leave her totally blind. (, 16 Mar 2010)
Other information
She works as an administrative agent for the Mairie [Town Hall] of Die in southern France. (, 01 Dec 2010)

She was one of the original founders of her club Vercors Handisport in Grenoble, France. (, 16 Mar 2010)

Her husband, Michel [who served as her guide at the 2006 Paralympic Winter Games] said she plunged into depression after being diagnosed with her condition and took many years to accept her situation. It was his idea to take her to a para-biathlon world cup event in 2003, where she was convinced to take up skiing again. When she began to show potential, her mother Anne-Marie sold the family bakery in order to finance her daughter's Paralympic dream. Her mother says that for her daughter, biathlon is a source of therapy and balance in her life. (, 16 Mar 2010)