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Nathan Maguire



Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Spinal Cord Injuries
Origin of Impairment

Further personal information

Partner Hannah Cockroft
Chester, ENG
Higher education
Sport Studies - Liverpool John Moores University: England

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He began wheelchair racing in 2013 at Kirkby High School in England.
Why this sport?
He was passionate about sport from a young age and played basketball for seven years before taking up Para athletics. "My dad always thought I should try every sport that I could try, so I've done basketball, swimming, water skiing, rowing. You name it, I've tried it. I was always quite quick on the basketball court, so my dad thought I should try racing. After that, I never really looked back. I instantly fell in love with the independence of the sport, as I didn't have to depend on a team like I did in basketball, nor an adult or a carer. I love that a win is down to my hard work and a loss is also completely down to me and only I can correct that to improve."
Club / Team
Kirkby Athletics Club: England
Name of coach
Steven Hoskins [personal], GBR
Training Regime
He trains six days a week, and has a total of nine weekly sessions. "I am in my racing chair every day, either on the track, road, or roller, and I'm in the gym three times a week with my strength and conditioning coach."

General interest

Memorable sporting achievement
Winning three bronze medals and one gold medal at the 2018 European Championships in Berlin, Germany. (, 01 Jul 2019)
Hero / Idol
British wheelchair racer Hannah Cockroft. (, 01 Jul 2019)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I believe my disability is the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn't have travelled the world, met amazing people or raced for my country if it hadn't. I'm lucky." (, 16 Jan 2020)
Awards and honours
In 2013 he received the Active Cheshire Para Sports Achiever of the Year Award in England. (, 30 Jun 2014;, 01 Jun 2014)
Other sports
He has played wheelchair basketball for the Manchester Mavericks in England. (Twitter profile, 28 Jun 2018)
Famous relatives
His partner Hannah Cockroft has represented Great Britain in wheelchair racing. She won two gold medals at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London and three gold medals at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (, 27 Jul 2020;, 20 Sep 2019; SportsDeskOnline, 01 Mar 2021)
To win a gold medal at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. (, 16 Jan 2020)
He was diagnosed with transverse myelitis at age eight. The condition causes inflammation on both sides of the spinal cord, and resulted in paraplegia. (, 01 Jul 2019;, 30 Jun 2014;, 30 Jun 2014)
Other information
In December 2020 he and his partner Hannah Cockroft appeared on a celebrity special of the BBC TV quiz show 'The Hit List'. He has also served as an ambassador for the British charity Panathlon, which aims to give young people with an impairment the chance to take part in competitive sport. During the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2021 he was one of several athletes who took part in virtual Q&A sessions with schoolchildren as part of a programme organised by Panathlon. (, 31 Dec 2020;, 11 Feb 2021)


Unit Date Rank
Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's 4x400 m T53/54 Heat 2 2016-09-16 2
World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 (London, Great Britain)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's 800 m T54 Heat 3 2017-07-17 18
Men's 200 m T54 Heat 1 2017-07-18 6
Men's 200 m T54 Final 1 2017-07-18 6
Men's 400 m T54 Heat 3 2017-07-19 10