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Neeraj Yadav



Impairment information

Origin of Impairment

Further personal information

Wife Shobha
English, Hindi
Higher education
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College: Delhi, IND

Sport specific information

Why this sport?
A work colleague at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre [ISIC] in Delhi, India, told him about Para sports. He first played tennis before switching to athletics. "I liked playing tennis but the coaching is expensive. I then tried athletics and enjoyed it."
Name of coach
Naval Sharma [personal]

General interest

Most influential person in career
His wife. (, 26 Jul 2020)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I used to consider myself a weaker person. I used to be scared. But sports boosted up my confidence and motivated me. Now when I come to the ground, I do not consider myself a person with an impairment. I always feel that I can achieve what I have dreamt of." (, 26 Jul 2020)
Other sports
He has also competed in wheelchair tennis. (, 04 May 2016)
To win a medal at the Paralympic Games. (, 26 Jul 2020)
He uses a wheelchair after contracting polio at birth. "I had polio at birth. My parents visited many doctors to get me treated but I believe life had a plan for me." (, 04 May 2016)
Other information
He plans to compete in the discus throw at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. His main event originally was the F55 javelin but was not listed for the Games. "As discus throw is different than javelin, I had to work more on my back movement. I am now more focused on technique." (, 26 Jul 2020)

He quit the sport after getting married in 2012. However, his wife motivated him to return to the sport. "My family was not in a position to support me. I was facing financial crisis. After I married, I decided to quit the sport. My only aim was to find a job to provide a good life for my family. But my wife kept on convincing me why I needed to go back and compete. She was also ready to adjust. And she was right as my heart was always there. My wife is my strongest motivator." (, 26 Jul 2020)