Africa Oceania Goalball Regional Championships Set to Begin

Three teams will compete on the men's side, while just two nations will compete in the women's bracket. 15 Nov 2011 By IPC

The Africa Oceania Goalball Regional Championships will begin Tuesday (15 November) at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre in Australia and will last for three days.

Both the men’s and women’s winners of the competition will qualify for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Australia, Algeria and New Zealand will take part in the event on the men’s side, while Australia and New Zealand will compete for the women.

None of the teams qualified for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, so they will all be hungry to earn a spot at London 2012.

Competition Schedule


Australia-Algeria (men) 11:00

New Zealand-Australia (men) 13:30

Australia-New Zealand (women) 15:00

Algeria-New Zealand (men) 16:30


Algeria-New Zealand (men) 11:00

Australia-Algeria (men) 13:30

New Zealand-Australia (women) 15:00

New Zealand-Australia (men) 16:30


Semi-final (men) 10:30

Finals (women) 12:00

Finals (men) 14:30

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