April Holmes

17 Apr 2019
April Holmes
April Holmes
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April Holmes

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What is special for you about your sport compared to other sports?

Everyone always wants to know who the fastest person in the world is, thus making Athletics the greatest sport. While I have a fond appreciation for many sports and respect all athletes, watching athletes line up, the gun sound, and athletes running as fast as they can for 100 meters is the ultimate adrenaline rush.

What is your advice as a Paralympic athlete to other people?

Exercise is the greatest form of exhilaration, both physical and mental. Sport allows for the building of bridges to so many communities, circumstances and changes. Therefore, continue to breathe life into sport and you will notice a change in your life.

What is important for you about sport in general?

Running is medicinal and allows me to exercise my mind and body at the same time. I have grown up in the sports so I went from being given lessons to now being able to show others the world through my talents.

What would be your advice for other athletes?

Many blessings along your athletic journey but if you ever get bored, there is a lane open for you on the track. Come join us, you will never go back.

What is your aim in the future?

To leave the world a better place, than when I came to it, one person at a time.

Do you have a personal maxim in life and in sport?

Be not consumed by personal ambition, instead focus on your goals as it relates to better not only yourself by those around you. There is no mission to great and no challenge too difficult if you simply apply your talents, energies, and work ethic.