Asian WIPS Leadership Summit Host Agreement Signed

On 9 September, Xavier Gonzalez, CEO of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), and Zainal Abu Zarin, President of the Asian Paralympic Committee (APC), signed a host agreement in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the APC to organize the Asian Women in Paralympic Sport (WIPS) Leadership Summit to be held in Malaysia in 20v08. 10 Sep 2007 By IPC

The Asian Women in Paralympic Sport Leadership Summit follows the same format as previous Summits held in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

The International Paralympic Committee aims to implement Women in Paralympic Sport Leadership Summits in each of the five IPC regions by the end of 2009. The two-day Summits are designed to bridge existing gaps in opportunities for girls and women with a disability in Paralympic sport. They provide a forum for dialogue, policy and leadership development. Participants receive information on good practices and have the opportunity to contribute to creating a Regional Action Plan that will increase gender equity for girls and women in Paralympic sport in Asia.

The World Bank estimates 600 million persons have a disability worldwide and the majority are from the developing world. It is well known that girls and women that have a disability, experience double stigmatization or duality of discrimination. Sport is a proven catalyst for empowerment, self-appreciation, leadership development, and promoting gender equity. Therefore, the IPC strongly believes that through participation in Paralympic Sport, girls and women can have an increase in access to the benefits of sport.