Athletes Gather For Leadership Summit

28 Jun 2010 By IPC

A total of 22 athletes from 21 different countries were in Bad Honnef, Germany, this past weekend for the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletes’ Leadership Summit.

Taking place from 25-27 June, athletes representing 12 different Paralympic sports took the opportunity to focus on many presentations by various speakers. The three-day programme included group sessions on stakeholder and communication planning, board management and personal development, good governance in the Paralympic Movement, athlete representation, understanding the overall environment and milestone planning.

Each topic had a specific outcome aim. For example, in focusing on athlete representation the aim was to develop an understanding of athletes’ involvement, and how athletes can best help the structure of National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) and their objectives. This session explored a relevant case and provided the basis for further discussion.

IPC Legal Counsel Mike Townley led the topic on athlete representation. Some of the questions explored under this topic were “How can an athlete’s past experience aid the development and running of an NPC?” “What positions best suit their knowledge and experience?”, and “How can the athlete develop and aid legacy through their environment?”.

Mr. Townley also led the topic on Good Governance in the Paralympic Movement, aiming to develop an understanding of the structure of an NPC and its connection with the IPC. Some of the questions explored under this topic were “What is governance?”, “What are the possible structures an NPC can operate under?” and “Does one structure affect operations of an NPC?”

The final afternoon of the IPC Athlete Leadership Summit saw group work consolidation and final presentations. Following the programme’s conclusion, participants were able to provide feedback with questions and suggestions.