Branimir Budetic

17 Apr 2019
Branimir Budetic
Branimir Budetic
Branimir Budetic

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Do you have a personal maxim in life and in sport?

Yes, I do. Always give a maximum from yourself. Love what you are doing. Do the best is not enough, it takes a lot more. When you are committed to the sport, you give your whole body and spirit to one thing, to be the best!

What is important for you about sport in general? What do you get out of it?

The most important thing in our sports is to test your body to maximum, to see how much can you do in sport. We do it for love and sociality for this sport. We get big satisfaction and motivation, desire to progress not only in Paralympic sport but in life.

What is special for you about your sport compared to other sports?

First, athletic is the mother of all sport in the world. Before I began to lose eye vision on my right eye (I was blind on left eye then), I was played handball. When my accident happens I go to train athletic javelin throw because is the similar to handball and then I start to love this discipline. Interest in athletics is what makes it simple to do, but it is not. Invest your maximum effort to make you improve your personal records.

What would be your advice as Paralympic athlete for other people to advance in life?

In life nothing comes without a large investment of effort and work. You know what kind of life you want to have. The best work in life is what you love to do and where you have set goals for yourself.

What would be your advice as Paralympic athlete for other people doing sports?

My advice would be doing your sport that you love, for your health. When you do something that you love, then you do it as best as you can. Sport is very good because you learn about the world, you meet new person, meet new culture and tradition, but best in all you socialized with people in your sport.