Brisbane 2032: ‘ This next 10 years is going to be extraordinary’

The Paralympic Games in Brisbane will be held from 24 August to 5 September 2032 24 Aug 2022
Brisbane Mayor
Brisbane was announced as the 2032 Paralympics host city on 21 July 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.
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By Paralympics Australia and IPC

Paralympics Australia welcomes all Australians to join in the many opportunities the lead-up to the Brisbane Paralympic Games will offer, as the nation marks a decade to the day until the home Games in 2032.

A generation of young Australians will be among the beneficiaries of Paralympics Australia’s multi-pronged plan for the next 10 years, which includes increasing participation in sport among people with a disability, increasing social inclusion and community connection for people with a disability, and advancing physical and mental health outcomes.

Programmes aimed at securing legacy goals will be built around the centrepiece of the Paralympic Movement in Australia - the Australian athletes who have consistently finished among the world’s leading Paralympic nations at the Games in the modern era.

Breaking social barriers

The Brisbane Paralympics will start on 24 August 2032 and the runway to the Games will positively impact diverse groups in society across the country.

“The Brisbane 2032 Paralympic Games will drive conversations and inspire action towards a more inclusive, diverse, and accessible landscape for people living with disability,” Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“Brisbane 2032 can be the platform to encourage businesses to embrace inclusion, provide public spaces and precincts that are universally designed and promote a society that is inclusive for all, regardless of age, background, gender or ability.”

The President of the Organising Committee for Brisbane 2032 Andrew Liveris said accessibility, diversity and inclusion were key pillars of Brisbane 2032.

“We have the opportunity through Brisbane 2032 to drive a societal step-change in social inclusion and equality,” Liveris said.

“Our aim for Brisbane 2032 is to challenge stereotypes, transform attitudes and breakdown social barriers and discrimination, so that people with disabilities are afforded the same recognition and voice as people who are able-bodied.

“Sport unifies us with moments of great humanity, and the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee will ensure that in 10 years’ time we are ready as a nation to celebrate these moments with our Paralympians, in all their glory, on the global stage,” he added.

Step up from Sydney 2000

Since Sydney 2000, the success of host cities has been largely determined by the quality of delivery of their Paralympic Games. London 2012 was widely regarded as the “best Games ever” after its highly successful Paralympic component. Now, Paralympics Australia Chief Executive Catherine Clark said Brisbane 2032 has the opportunity to make its own history.

“The Brisbane Paralympics presents a unique chance for Australia to make great strides towards becoming a truly barrier-free society,” Clark said.

“These Games will be a catalyst to drive greater social inclusion for Australians living with a disability, including in education, employment, transport and accommodation.

“We’re in the countdown now, we’re at the starting line and this next 10 years is going to be extraordinary. There’s a place for everyone amongst these Paralympic and Olympic Games. It’s one thing to talk about our athletes and our coaches, but the opportunity for Australia and for Brisbane is that you can be involved as a volunteer, you could be involved as someone working at one of the arenas … this is going to be one of the most amazing opportunities of our lifetime and we’ve got to make the most of it.”