Call for candidates to IPC Standing Committees

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is seeking applications from candidates for four Standing Committees for the term of office 2014-2017. 30 Jun 2014
Logo of the International Paralympic Committee

Logo of the International Paralympic Committee


IPC members have until Monday 28 July (00:00 CET) to suggest candidates for the following Committees:

• Development Committee

• Education Committee

• Paralympic Games Committee

• Women in Sport Committee

In October, at its meeting in Berlin, Germany, the IPC Governing Board will appoint a Chairperson for each of the four Standing Committees and will then consider their recommendations for membership of each group. All new members of the Committees will then be appointed by the IPC Governing Board towards the end of 2014.

The IPC Standing Committees provide expert advice to the IPC Governing Board and to the Management Team. A brief summary of their functions are listed below.

Development Committee

Summary of functions

- To develop and advise on the strategies and policies related to IPC’s and the Agitos Foundation development activities.

- To set the quadrennial development priorities for the IPC and the Agitos Foundation.

- To advise and contribute to the development of the Agitos Foundation programmes and activities.

Required expertise

- Knowledge in sport and/or organisational development

- In-depth Paralympic Movement development knowledge in a/particular regions (e.g. Africa, Latin America, Asia)

Education Committee

Summary of functions

- To develop and advise on the strategies and policies related to IPC’s educational activities related to schoolchildren and young athletes and NPCs raising awareness on the Paralympic Movement.

- To support the development of IPC educational materials and activities.

- To provide general direction to the development of the educational programmes of the different Paralympic Games Organising Committee.

Required expertise

- Experience in education, including primary school curriculum development, sport pedagogy and (adapted) physical education

- Experience in awareness raising and sensitisation

Paralympic Games Committee

Summary of functions

- To provide recommendations regarding the general concepts and strategies related to the Paralympic Games (PG), thus guiding the IPC activities and defining the parameters for the further development of the PG.

- To provide advice on the collaboration with the IOC in any aspects related to the PG.

- To provide general direction to the preparation process of the different Organising committees within the framework set by the IPC Governing Board.

Required expertise

- Experience with Organising Committees (OCOGs)

- Representatives from IFs, NPCs, athletes, Media and/or sponsors to cover all Games client groups

Women in Sports Committee

Summary of functions

- To advocate and advise on the strategies and policies to obtain the full inclusion of women and girls at all levels of Paralympic sport and the Paralympic Movement and identify barriers that restrict participation, recommend policies and initiatives to increase participation.

- The committee also reviews existing IPC initiatives and policies including research and data collection, universality wild card system, publications and solidarity funding allocation.

Required expertise

- Keen advocate and promoter of women in sport

- Knowledge of gender mainstreaming in sport

- Understanding of individual, institutional and cultural barriers for women to get into leadership positions in sports

It is recommended that candidates have the suitable qualifications or appropriate experience on the topics relevant to the respective Committee and have a good command of the English language.

In accordance, with IPC Policy at least one member of each IPC Standing Committee shall be an athlete who has competed at the Paralympic Games in the eight years preceding his or her appointment (2006 onwards). Furthermore, the IPC is targeting a 30 per cent representation of female members in all its Standing Committees.

The IPC Governing Board may also initiate a search for suitable candidates in accordance with IPC Bylaws.

To be considered for membership, candidates must submit the full set of application papers, including application form, signed Undertaking, CV and a support letter from their nominating member organisation.