Classification Page Receives Full Update

The Classification information section on the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) official website has been fully updated and given more detail to, providing better knowledge for visitors. 06 May 2010 By IPC

The update to the section was carried out in the aim to answer any questions about Classification, as well as educate on various aspects of the subject. Subsections on the Classification page now include a full Introduction, the History of Classification, The IPC Classification Code, Classification Rules and National Classification Strategy.

Beneath each subsection, further information and links are provided to visitors. For example, in the National Classification Strategy section, links are given to PDF documents of the strategies from the National Paralympic Committees of Australia and Korea. The IPC Classification Code includes a link to Sport Specific Classification and the IPC Classification Committee.

Additionally, the History of Classification has been fully extended, with a new link to background information and the foundations of the massive subject matter today.

To visit the newly updated Classification page, please visit -> Sport -> Classification.