Classifying Disability & Sports Technology 2008 Conference Announcement

From 20 to 22 November, the Classifying Disability and Sports Technology Conference (CDSTC) will take place in Singapore, bringing together many leading professionals to address sports issues at all levels. Organized by the Singapore-based Disability Classification and Research Centre, the conference aims to mobilize the sports movement in Asia by gaining better insight into concepts of classification and training approach in Paralympic sports. 30 Oct 2008 By IPC

The conference also hopes to discuss strategies in assisting organizations to expand their capabilities and deliverables for Paralympic sports in Asia. Some of the keynote speakers include members of the IPC Classification Committee Dr. Sean Tweedy and Terrie Moore, as well as Professor Franz Konstantin Fuss from Austria, Chris Nunn from Australia, and Dr. Jason Chia from Singapore. The topics to be discussed will include Sport Technology, Sports Training and Sports Medicine.

The CDSTC 2008 will target the participation of sport technical experts, as well as decision-makers and sports administrators. The conference is expected to bring in attendees from other universities, sporting organizations and rehabilitation centres to learn more about the current and future developments in Classification, Sports Technology, Sports Training and Sport Medicine.

The deadline for registration for the CDSTC 2008 is 18 November.