Clopatofsky Named Colombian Sports Institute Director

09 Aug 2010 By IPC

Colombian athlete and promoter of the Paralympic Movement, Ghisays Jairo Clopatofsky has been named as the new Director of the Colombian Sports Institute.

Mr. Clopatofsky was an honorary president of the Colombian Paralympic Committee from 2005-2009, and has been recognized as a pioneer in legislation in favor of people with a disability. He created Law 361 in 1997, which focused on inclusion, and pushed with three more members of Parliament Law 582, which legally brought out the sports system for people with a disability in Colombia.

Also having been an athlete in Wheelchair Tennis, Mr. Clopatofsky will continue to actively practice the Paralympic Sport in his future.

During the past 22 years, Ghisays Jairo Clopatofsky has served as a member of the Parliament for several periods, and Senator of the Republic until 20 July 2010. Mr. Clopatofsky has continued to support other related laws on inclusion, accessibility, finances, and public items related to physical disability.

Mr. Clopatofsky’s position as Director of the Colombian Sports Institute runs from 2010-2014.