Curling: World Wheelchair Championship 2011 – Day 1

23 Feb 2011

Canada and Norway are unbeaten after first day of play at the 2011 World Wheelchair Curling Championship at the Curling Hall Roztyly in the Czech capital Prague.

The Canadians, reigning World and Paralympic champions stole both their wins. In their morning game against China, Chinese Skip Haitao Wang’s final stone of an extra end was too heavy and passed Jim Armstrong and his team the game: 6-5. Canada then beat the USA 5-4 in the afternoon’s ‘North American derby’.

In the morning, Augusto Perez’s USA team were beaten 5-4 by Norway. Two-time world champion, Rune Lorentsen and his Norwegian side went on to win against Vancouver Paralympic bronze medallists Sweden 8-3 in the afternoon’s ‘Scandinavian derby’.

“We are extremely pleased to have done so well on the first day,” said Rune Lorentsen. “I have to give credit to Terje [Rafdal] and Tone [Edvardsen] the new lead and second on our team.”

China had more success in their afternoon ‘Asian derby’ game against Korea – winning by a resounding 9-3. Earlier, Korea won their first game against Germany 7-5 and were elated not only by the win but also by the news that the 2012 World Wheelchair Curling Championship had been awarded to Chuncheon City in Korea.

Russia won their only game on Monday against Scotland 7-3. Russian skip Marat Romanov joked afterwards that traditionally they have lost their first game in any competition they have played to date, so to win was a bit of a surprise.

Host nation Czech Republic lost their opening game of the event and only one of the day 4-6 against Sweden.

Standings after Day 1

Canada 2-0

Norway 2-0

Russia 1-0

China 1-1

Korea 1-1

Sweden 1-1

Czech Republic 0-1

Germany 0-1

Scotland 0-1

USA 0-2

Results Session 2

Scotland-Russia 3-7; Sweden-Norway 3-8; Korea-China 3-9; Canada-USA 5-4.

Results Session 1

Norway-USA 5-4; China-Canada 5-6; Sweden-Czech Republic 4-6; Germany- Korea 5-7.