First Paralympic School Day in Spain

On 13 March, the first Paralympic School Day (PSD) in Spain took place in the ski resort of La Molina. 14 Mar 2008 By IPC

A total of 100 children with and without a disability from two regional schools participated in Alpine and Nordic Skiing, Curling, Ice Hockey as well as experienced an obstacle course.

Through a drawing contest, six children were selected to hand out medals at the following International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Alpine Skiing European Cup Finals, taking place in La Molina from 27 to 29 March. In addition, all participating children will have the chance to visit the competitions and talk to athletes.

The Paralympic School Day is an educational programme initiated by the IPC. The aim of the programme is to create awareness and understanding in schools about persons with a disability. The PSD is a set of activities that educate youth about Paralympic Sport, individual differences and disability issues in a fun and playful environment. These activities can be organized during a normal school day and target an audience of young students between the ages of 6 to 15.

The PSD in La Molina has the support of the Catalan Sports Federation for Physically Disabled, the Catalan Winter Sport Federation, the Catalan Sport Council, the Spanish National Paralympic Committee, the local authorities of Alp and La Molina as well as other supporters.