Five para-archery rivalries for 2015

Ahead of 2015, a year that will feature the World Archery Para Championships, here are five rivalries that could light up the year. 29 Dec 2014
Zahra Nemati won gold at London 2012

Zahra Nemati made history by becoming the first ever Iranian to win gold in archery at an Olympic or Paralympic Games.

By Billie Marshall | For the IPC

It has been a fascinating year in the world of para-archery and as the New Year approaches we look ahead to the likely rivalries that will compete and go head-to-head for the top honours. Expect excitement and new world records a plenty in 2015.

Jean-Pierre Antonios (FIN) v David Drahoninsky (CZE)

The number one ranked para-archer in the world and the current world record holder. It is a natural pairing and one that will without doubt be seen competing with each other during the 2015 season

Both were in the medals at the World Archery 2013 Para Championships with Antonios claiming the gold medal whilst Drahoninsky had to settle for the bronze.

John Cavanagh (GBR) v Jeff Fabry (USA)

This is a long-standing affair that has captured the imagination of fans and archers alike for years and it is one that is likely to continue into the New Year.

A rivalry that dates back to 2004 with both men successful at various Paralympics Games such as Athens2004, Beijing 20008 and London 2012.

Zahra Nemati (IRI) v Elisabetta Mijno (ITA) v Milena Olszewska (POL)

Despite her exploits away from competition, Zahra Nemati remains one of the premier archers and a rivalry with Elisabetta Mijno and Milena Olszewska will be exciting to watch in 2015. All have risen to prominence with impressive performances and you would expect a big year from all three.

Mijno was recently crowned the European para-archery women’s recurve bow champion defeating Olszewska to the gold medal.

Burcu Dag (TUR) v Mel Clarke (GBR)

The top two archers in the compound women’s category will no doubt collide at some point during the next year. Both have enjoyed recent success and will be keen to continue where they left off

Dag is the current World Archery Para Championships Compound women’s gold medal holder having beaten Clarke’s compatriot Danielle Brown in the final

John Stubbs (GBR) v Jere Forsberg (FIN)

In a highly competitive category, the men’s compound will provide many interesting matchups and this is sure to be one of them. Switzerland’s Martin Imboden and the USA’s Matt Stutzman are also one’s to watch out for.

Imboden shot a world record earlier on in the year before Stubbs beat it the very next day as the four of them are likely to continue their close rivalry.

The biggest event in the para-archery calendar in 2015 is the World Archery Para Championships which will take place between 23-30 August in Donaueschingen, Germany.