Great Britain Dominates Medals Table at Archery World Ranking Event

19 Aug 2011 By IPC

Great Britain’s Paralympic Archers promise to wow home crowds at the London 2012 Paralympic Games after winning eight gold, three silver and two bronze medals at the 2011 Para-Archery World Ranking Event in Nymburk, Czech Republic.

Here’s a look at the top three finishers in each event:


Men’s Team Compound Open

Gold: Great Britain’s John Stephen Stubbs, Eric Thomas and Richard Hennehane

Silver: Combined Team 1 - Germany’s Michael Muller and Switzerland’s Philippe Horner and Martin Imboden

Bronze: Sweden’ s Robert Larsson, Pierre Claesson and

Hakan Tornstrom

Men’s Team Recurve Open

Gold: Great Britain’s Paul Browne, Kenny Allen and Murray Elliot

Silver: Combined Team 3 - Czech Republic’s Václav Kostal, Martin Chaloupsky and Switzerland’s Christian Wyss

Bronze: Combined Team 4 - Germany’s Matthias Alpers, Mario Oehme and Netherlands’ Gerard Zeeman

Men’s Compound W1

Gold: Great Britain’s John Cavanagh

Silver: Czech Republic’s David Drahoninsky

Bronze: Czech Republic’s Petr Bartos

Men’s Compound Open

Gold: Switzerland’s Philippe Horner

Silver: Great Britain’s Eric Thomas

Bronze: Great Britain’s John Stephen Stubbs

Men’s Recurve Standing

Gold: Germany’s Matthias Alpers

Silver: Great Britain’s Murray Elliot

Bronze: Great Britain’s Kenny Allen

Men’s Recurve W2

Gold: Poland’s Piotr Sawicki

Silver: Switzerland’s Christian Wyss

Bronze: Germany’s Mario Oehme


Women’s Team Compound Open

Gold: Great Britain’s Danielle Brown, Pippa Britton and Sarah Beamish

Silver: Sweden’s Zandra Reppe, Ann-Christine Nilsson and Maria Lilja-Johanssen

Women’s Team Recurve Open

Gold: Great Britain’s Kate Murray, Leigh Walmsley and Sharon Vennard

Silver: Combined Team 5 - the Netherlands’ Eliane Salden-Otten, Silvia Gerrits and Switzerland’s Magali Comte

Bronze: Combined Team 6 – Czech Republic’s Markéta Sidkova, Miroslava Cerna and Azerbaijan’s Zinyat Valiyeva

Women’s Compound Open

Gold: Great Britain’s Danielle Brown

Silver: Great Britain’s Sarah Beamish

Bronze: Sweden’s Zandra Reppe

Women’s Recurve Standing

Gold: Netherlands’ Eliane Salden-Otten

Silver: Poland’s Milena Olszewska

Bronze: Poland’s Grazyna Wojciechowska

Women’s Recurve W2

Gold: Great Britain’s Kate Murray

Silver: Czech Republic’s Markéta Sidkova

Bronze: Canada’s Lyne Tremblay


Compound Mixed Team

Gold: Great Britain’s John Stephen Stubbs and Danielle Brown

Silver: Sweden’s Robert Larsson and Zandra Reppe

Bronze: Netherlands’ Wim Nales and Ingrid Peijer

Recurve Mixed Team

Gold: Poland’s Piotr Sawicki and Milena Olszewska

Silver: Czech Republic’s Václav Kostal and Markéta Sidkova

Bronze: Netherlands’ Gerard Zeeman and Eliane Salden-Otten