GSD names Paralympian Candace Cable as ambassador

Nine-time Paralympian Candace Cable joins The Foundation for Global Sports Development as they connect youth with positive sport experiences. 24 Apr 2016
Woman in sit-ski speaks to children.

US Paralympian Candace Cable joined the Foundation for Global Sports Development.

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By The Foundation for Global Sports Development

This has been an exciting year for The Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD) which, following the recent success of their 2016 Playmakers Programme at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, USA, has announced Candace Cable on their team of inspirational Champion Ambassadors.

Cable is an esteemed US Paralympian who spoke to the youth and volunteered for the duration of the recent Playmakers Programme.

GSD’s Champion Ambassadors fill a range of meaningful and far-reaching roles which are essential to the success of vital youth outreach efforts. Champion Ambassadors have opportunities to engage with youth on a global scale through interactive mentorship programmes, motivational speaking opportunities, podcasts, blogs and through inspirational video messages.

After a spinal cord injury left her legs paralysed at 21-years-old, Cable sought to rebuild her life and in doing so, discovered her passion to play sport. Her achievements in adapted sport have been vast and include competing in nine Paralympics and winning an astounding 84 marathons. Amidst her gruelling training and competition schedules, Cable found time to give back and help others. Since retiring from active competition, Cable works around the world consulting and educating about disabilities and how the universal values and benefits of playing sport contribute to development and peace is societies.

“Adapted sports were my vehicle to rebuild my self-image, health, hope and define my purposeful life,” said Cable. “The people I met through sport taught me that the strength of our human spirit is to be creative, willing to collaborate and learn, and from that space, solutions can be found and all things are possible. I feel grateful and honoured to be a member of The Foundation for Global Sports Development Champion Ambassadors family and have the opportunity to share those experiences and contribute to GSD’s mission.”

GSD’s Champion Ambassadors are an essential part of the foundation’s youth mentorship activities.

“As our Champion Ambassadors speak to rooms packed full of youth, something magical happens,” said Dr. Steven Ungerleider, Executive Board Member for GSD. “You can feel the energy in the room grow, and witness the youths’ faces light up as they realise that despite any current obstacles that exist, they are in control of their own destinies.

Added GSD Executive Board Member, David Ulich: “I trust in the substantial ability of our Champion Ambassadors to positively influence the futures of youth. We are thrilled to welcome Candace Cable to the GSD family.”