IPC and IAKS Sign Agreement

On the occasion of the International Paralympic Day on 11 July, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) signed an agreement of co-operation which strengthens the relationship and continues the promotion of internationally recognized accessibility standards. 13 Jul 2009 By IPC

Signed by IPC President Sir Philip Craven and IAKS President Dr. Stephan J. Holthoff-Pfoertner in Berlin, Germany, the agreement ensures future collaboration and co-operation on all future issues of mutual interest consistent with the goals and policies of both organizations. The agreement also will designate staff liaisons in co-ordinating activities and enhance communication and co-operation between the organizations.

Sir Philip said that the agreement aims to keep both organizations in international solidarity in accordance with their respective mandates and principles. "As both the IPC and IAKS share a common belief in the right of all human beings to pursue their physical and intellectual development without discrimination, this is a wonderful opportunity at the same time for the Paralympic Movement and Paralympic Sport,” Sir Philip said.

The agreement between IAKS and the IPC became effective upon signature by each party during the IPD 2009 in Berlin. Additionally, the IPC and IAKS have the possibility of entering into further co-operative agreements in the future to expand on the foundation established through this agreement.

For more information about IAKS, please visit www.iaks.info.