IPC President Visits Shanghai Expo

07 Sep 2010 By IPC

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Sir Philip Craven has just finished visiting the World Expo 2010, where the “Life & Sunshine Pavilion” presents new technology utilized by people with a disability.

Inside the pavilion, IPC Worldwide Partner Otto Bock Healthcare has its own exhibition entitled “Discover what moves us”, which is a 250 square metre area covering everything from the causes of a disability to the restoration of mobility through medical technology. IPC President Sir Philip Craven spent a total of three days in Shanghai, China, the location of the big event.

“After watching an exciting Football 5-a-Side game between teams from Shanghai and Dalian, I entered the ‘Life and Sunshine Pavilion’,” he said. “At the ‘Discover what moves us’ exhibition from Otto Bock Healthcare, I experienced all the latest inventions of technology designed purely to support maximal mobility for all individuals.”

During his time at the exhibition, which lasts until 31 October, Sir Philip was also part of an animated press conference, which gave visitors more information about the IPC and the Paralympic Movement.

The president’s final day in Shanghai was spent mainly at the Sunshine Rehabilitation Centre. The site included facilities extensively equipped with the latest rehabilitation technology, although person to person interaction was the key to the success of the centre in ensuring that patients were able to maximize their mobility.

Earlier this summer, Sir Philip was the recipient to the Delphi award from the International Olympic Academy in Athens, Greece, for his promotion of the Paralympic Movement. The award was given as part of the Opening Ceremony for the 50th International Session for Young Participants on the historical site the Hill of Pnyx.