IPC rebrands social media to @Paralympics

All IPC social media accounts can now be found @Paralympics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, G+ and YouTube. 15 Feb 2016
Graphic showing all social platforms with the text Paralympics

IPC rebrands social media to @Paralympics


The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has made it easier for fans to find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+ and YouTube. Followers just have to add “Paralympics” to the end of any URL on those platforms to find the official account.

The changes have been applied on Twitter (@Paralympics), Facebook and YouTube, whilst the Instagram and G+ accounts will remain the same.

“This move is going to make it a lot easier for the IPC to communicate the correct social media accounts, and it will hopefully make it easier for fans to discover the IPC accounts too,” said IPC Digital Media Manager Natalia Dannenberg-Spreier.

The rebrand also aligns with #Paralympics, which is the main hashtag the IPC wants people to use during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. During 2012, #Paralympics became the top trending sporting event on Twitter in UK.

“If everyone gets behind the hashtag like they did in London 2012, we can make a similar impact in Rio,” said Dannenberg-Spreier.