IPC Video Wins International Award for 2009

'Spirit in Motion' receives Best in Show award 09 Nov 2009 By IPC

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is proud to announce that its online video ‘Spirit in Motion’, produced by brandstage.tv for ParalympicSport.TV, has been awarded a Best in Show award in the Online Film/Video category from the 2009 International Davey Awards.

‘Best in Show’ is the highest honour given by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, with one award within each of the ten mediums that make up the Davey Awards. The video will be highlighted on the official website of the awards at www.daveyawards.com and can be watched directly on www.ParalympicSport.TV.

A total of over 4,000 entries from the best small firms in the world were up against each other for the various awards. The Davey Awards are sanctioned by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, which is an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from well-known media, advertising and marketing firms.

The ‘Spirit in Motion’ video highlights the vision and development of the Paralympic Movement since its early days. The video has been shown during several IPC events, including the IPC Anniversary which occurred earlier this year in Bonn, Germany.

The video was created by brandstage.tv, who have already won other awards for Paralympic features in the past. As partner of the IPC’s official internet channel ParalympicSport.TV, the agency connects the competences of Internet TV, Marketing-Communication and Video-Production. Together with the IPC, brandstage.tv and NarrowstepTM Inc. have been supporting and promoting the outstanding performances of Paralympic athletes since channel launch at the Torino 2006 Paralympic Games.

brandstage.tv specializes in Internet TV & Video Production, including promotion and commercialization of Internet TV Channels to offer full flexibility and control in broadcasting of video content over the internet. Partnering with NarrowstepTM Inc. as well as other leading technology providers, brandstage.tv delivers a complete solution for a successful launch and operation of Internet TV channels.

For more information about brandstage.tv please contact Andreas F. Schneider at as@brandstage.tv.

For more information about The International Academy of the Visual Arts, please visit the academy website at www.iavisarts.org.

‘Spirit in Motion’ can be watched either on www.YouTube.com/paralympicsporttv or on ParalympicSport.TV.