Israel host goalball clinic

Officials trained by international referee at friendly tournament in Jerusalem. 07 Aug 2017
a group of goalball athletes smile for the camera

Israel and Russia contested the final of the goalball refereeing clinic in Jerusalem

ⒸKeren Isaacson
By Israeli Paralympic Committee

The Israeli Paralympic Committee has held a unique activity for goalball referees, in the form of a professional clinic in Tel Aviv.

The clinic was given by international German referee Alexander Knecht and participants included ten trainees, coaches, and professionals.

The practical side of the clinic was held at the Institute for the Blind in Jerusalem – consisting of a friendship tournament attended by women teams from Israel, Britain, Finland, and two teams from Russia*.

The three-day tournament ended in a thrilling final match resolved by overtime, with a final victory of the Russia 2 team over the Israel team, scoring 4-3. The Russia 1 team came in third.

The representative of the Russian teams said: "We were very excited to participate in a tournament in the holy land and I am looking forward to similar tournaments in the future."

The awards were granted in the presence of Chaim Rashelbach, head of the Institute for the Blind, and Shabi Deutch the deputy director, who awarded Knecht a shield of appreciation.


*Editor’s note: The International Paralympic Committee suspended the Russian Paralympic Committee on 7 August 2016 for its inability to fulfil its IPC membership responsibilities and obligations, in particular its obligation to comply with the IPC Anti-Doping Code and the World Anti-Doping Code (to which it is also a signatory). As a result of the suspension, Russian athletes cannot enter IPC sanctioned events or competitions, including the Paralympic Games.