IWBF Releases Decision on Iran's Withdrawal

24 Oct 2008 By IPC

The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) today released the decision taken by the Commission for Legal Matters and Eligibility (CLME) on the action of the I.R. of Iran to withdraw their team from the quarter-final match of the Wheelchair Basketball tournament at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

The CLME studied the correspondence surrounding the decisions taken in Beijing both by the I.R. of Iran and the Tournament Technical Committee and the Technical Delegate. Further they invited the National Organization for Wheelchair Basketball (NOWB) in the I.R. of Iran to submit any other information they thought would be useful in explaining their actions. After considering the submission from the NOWB of Iran the CLME has taken the following action:

In accordance with art. 23.10 of the IWBF Constitution and articles E.34.1 and P.2 of the IWBF Internal Regulations, the CLME decides the following against the NOWB of the I.R. of Iran:

•to suspend the NOWB of Iran with immediate effect until January 1st, 2013

•to impose a fine of USD 5,000.00

It is understood that a suspension of an NOWB implies that no official, player or anybody from the NOWB of Iran is allowed to participate in IWBF sanctioned activities, including national club competitions of other IWBF NOWBs and friendly tournaments of other IWBF NOWBs. Non-compliance will result in further sanctions to anybody that does not comply.

The NOWB of Iran has the right to appeal this decision to the Executive Council of IWBF within two months. However, the sanction remains in place pending any (different) decision by the Executive Council should Iran choose to appeal.