New Code in Iran a huge boost para-sport

New code should make it easier for people to get involved in para-sport and help support National Paralympic Day. 19 Jul 2015
Zahra Nemati

Iranian archer Zahra Nemati celebrates winning gold at London 2012

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By NPC Iran

In line with the inclusion of National Paralympic Day on the Iranian annual calendar, the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council (SCRC) has announced a new code which should make it easier for people to practice and get involved in para-sport in Iran.

"The Code of Sport Involvement Promotion, Health, Fun, Empowerment Support, and Reaching Glory of the People with Impairments through Sports,” was approved on 29 April 2015 by the Public Cultural Council. It mandates all state entities and organisations which benefit from national budget to activate disabled associations in their sport bodies, allocate budget to sport venues or equipment designed for people with an impairment and support National Paralympic Day on 16 October.

Established in 1984, the SCRC is chaired by the President of Iran. The council debates and approves its own relevant issues, authorises policy making and approval of codes.