New Sport Complex to Open in Azerbaijan

Former President and National Leader of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev, has been the main promoter and developer of this major project. It is considered a gift to the people of Azerbaijan and the Paralympic Movement and set to open on 28 August. 25 Aug 2008 By IPC

The new Paralympic Sport Complex will consist of two open fields, most suitable for Football, and another open field built for Sitting Volleyball. In addition to the outdoor facilities, three multi-purpose gyms will be built, a swimming pool, and one multi-purpose hall primarily for Judo. Three rooms for medical purposes and seven rooms for coaches and administration also are included in the project.

The Paralympic Sport Complex is directly connected to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Azerbaijan Republic and to the country’s National Paralympic Committee (NPC). The overall goal of the complex is to help develop new Paralympic sports within the country, including Football 5 a-Side, Sitting Volleyball and Goal Ball.

The country’s government wants to strengthen the Paralympic Movement and increase its standing among the Paralympic community. The NPC of Azerbaijan is also a member of the Organizational Development Initiative (ODI) with IPC and with the help of this new complex, hopes to become a more viable competitor in future Paralympic events.