Official Emblem, Mascot and Slogans 2010 Asia Para Games Announced

Official Emblem of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games is inspired by the Xiguan Flower Window 06 Nov 2009 By IPC

The Organizing Committee of the Guangzhou 2010 Asia Para Games is pleased to announce the emblem, mascot and slogan for the Games that will be held from 12-19 December 2010, here in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

The Official Emblem of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games is inspired by the Xiguan Flower Window, a design element that can be found in traditional houses in Guangzhou. The Xiguan Flower Window, which originated in northeastern China, was introduced to the city during the 17th Century, when window paper was replaced with the painted glass used in the West, to better deal with the challenging Lingnan climate.

The window was widely used in Xiguan residences and eventually became an important part of the Lingnan style of architecture. The Xiguan Flower Window thus represents integration and the diverse and welcoming nature of the Lingnan people.

The emblem is also a silhouette of an athlete in motion and uses the three colors, Red, Green and Blue, of the International Paralympics Committee (IPC) symbol in its design.

The official emblem therefore represents athletes with a disability striving for success at the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games. It represents the family of athletes with a disability and people with a disability as a whole coming together and enjoying Guangzhou’s hospitality as one during the Games. And it represents a connection between two sides - better communication and a breaking down of the barriers between all people.

Fun Fun, the Official Mascot of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games, is a lively Kapok, Guangzhou’s native flower. In Lingnan culture, the Kapok represents strength and so Fun Fun is a wonderful ambassador for the Asian Para Games and represents the fighting spirit of people with a disability and the never ending quest for success.

In Chinese, Fun Fun is used to describe a flower's fragrance - sweet and pleasant with a lovely aroma. Fun Fun’s five dancing petals create a bright smiling face, symbolizing the joy felt by everyone taking part in the Games and the enthusiasm and support shown by Guangzhou, the Host City. Fun Fun’s active, sporty pose symbolizes the vitality of the Asian Para Games and the power that comes with motion.

Fun also has a wonderful meaning in the English language - our new friend is telling us that the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games will be an unforgettable event that will be fun for everyone - a key goal of these Games.

The Official Slogan of the Asia Para Games is: "We Cheer, We Share, We Win". These three phrases together capture the themes and goals of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games.

The image of supporters and sports fans alike, cheering on the sports spectacle before them, beautifully captures the atmosphere the organizers wish to create at the upcoming Asian Para Games. As a sports festival, the Games will celebrate the beauty of sport and the joy of participation. As a sports competition, it will provide a great opportunity for athletes to rise above their disabilities, compete at the highest level and inspire all of us to be all we can be.

The theme of sharing is at the heart of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games. The Asian Para Games provides an opportunity to raise the profile of athletes with a disability and promote equality for all. Their achievements in sport remind us that people with a disability have the same dreams and the same rights: to enjoy physical activities and the best life has to offer, as the able-bodied. During the Games, they will share the challenges and the joys of competition and share in each others' successes.

The 2010 Asia Para Games governed by the Asian Paralympic Committee and will be held in the “Flower City” of Guangzhou from 12-19 December 2010. More than 4,000 athletes, coaches and trainers from 40 countries and regions will compete in 19 sports.