The Paralympian Gets a New Look

The official magazine of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), 'The Paralympian', has undergone a moderate change in 2009. 17 Apr 2009 By IPC

The first issue of 2009, out now in April, is part of the continued evolution of the magazine. The new look of the cover and subsequent pages inside reflect the readership’s desire for an improved design and readability. The text appears easier on the eyes, and the colours are more evenly distributed throughout the content.

Some of the reoccurring sections include the President’s Message, Future Games, Sport Profile, NPC Profile, News in Sports, Partners and Patrons, Medical and Scientific News, and News in Brief. New sections will also be colouring the pages, inviting readers to learn about the Paralympic Movement and its many facets. For example, 'Picking the Vault' is a section about history-related information and 'Crash Course' questions knowledge about the Movement.

In this issue, 'The IPC as a Governing Body' gives the reader an inside look into the workings of the IPC and 'Development News' provides stories about different parts of the world and the impact of Paralympic Sport.

'The Paralympian' aims to reflect the entire range of activities and developments in Paralympic Sport and is published four times per year. Readers are invited to submit an article on a subject relating to the Paralympic Movement or sport for persons with a disability.