Paris 2024 launches official ticket app for the Paralympic and Olympic Games

By downloading the "Paris 2024 tickets" app, fans can download, transfer and even resell tickets for the Paralympic and Olympic Games 15 May 2024
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The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will take place between 28 August and 8 September 2024
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By Paris 2024 and IPC

The Paris 2024 Organising Committee has launched the official Games ticket app “Paris 2024 tickets”. The app allows users to download, transfer and even resell tickets for the Paralympic and Olympic Games.

The app, which can be used on smartphones, is essential for ticket holders to enter the venues at the Paralympic and Olympic Games. During the Games, only tickets presented on the “Paris 2024 tickets” app will be allowed to access the venues.

The “Paris 2024 tickets” app has three functions: 

  • Accessing all tickets: the tickets for the ceremonies (the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) will be available on the app from mid-June. 
  • Transferring tickets: Each beneficiary needs to download the app and log in to collect their ticket (s).
  • Put one or more tickets back on sale

The Paris 2024 Paralympics will take place between 28 August and 8 September, following the Olympics that open on 26 July. 
By launching the ticketing app well in advance of the Games, Paris 2024 wants fans to have enough time to start making travel arrangements, if necessary.

The Organising Committee is therefore inviting all ticket purchasers to start transferring their tickets to their beneficiaries, so they can receive information about their session. 


Get your Paralympic tickets

In about 100 days, as many as 4,400 Para athletes from around the world will gather in Paris for the first summer Paralympic Game in France. Paris 2024 will feature 549 medal events across 22 sports.

The Paris 2024 Paralympics will be a family-friendly event, with tickets to all sports available from EUR 15. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis on the Paris 2024 website:

How to use the app

How to access your tickets

To log in to your account and find your tickets, enter the same login and password that you used when you purchased your tickets.

How to manage beneficiaries and transfer tickets

To transfer a ticket, simply click “Transférer / Transfer” under the ticket concerned, then select the desired messaging tool (email, instant messaging, etc.) and the contact. Share the link inviting them to download the app and collect their ticket.

It is possible to cancel a transfer or transfer the ticket to another person if the original beneficiary has refused it or returned it to the purchaser.

How to retrieve a transferred ticket

Once the app has been downloaded, the beneficiary must connect to their ticketing account or create one. Select the "Récupérer / Retrieve" option after receiving a link from the ticket purchaser. 

How to put one or more tickets up for sale on the official resale platform

Only the purchaser can resell tickets on the official platform. Ticket-holders need to select the ticket they wish to resell on the app. It is then available for sale on the platform.

This is the only official and authorised resale channel: the resale is completely transparent for both the seller and the purchaser.
For the seller, who is notified as soon as the ticket is sold or can withdraw it from sale at any time directly from the platform.
For the purchaser, who is guaranteed a valid ticket. They buy the ticket at its initial price (face value), plus a processing fee (5 per cent of the initial price for the seller, 10 per cent for the purchaser).

The resale platform puts potential purchasers in contact with resellers. Placing a ticket online does not guarantee that it will be sold. Resale will be possible up to 12 hours before the start of the session concerned.


Learn more about the app by visiting the Paris 2024 website