Positive site visit for alpine skiing Worlds concludes

The Local Organising Committee are planning an exciting programme of events as well as looking to host a great competition in Tarvisio, Italy. 03 Oct 2016
Three men stand in a group

Head of IPC Snow Sports Dimitrije Lazarovski (left), Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee Paolo Tavian (centre) and the Mayor of Tarvisio.

ⒸTarvisio 2017

“I can’t wait for the Championships to get underway but I wish everyone a good season beforehand.”

IPC Alpine Skiing is anticipating a successful 2017 World Para Alpine Skiing Championships following the final official site visit to the host resort in Tarvisio, Italy, between 1-3 October.

The Championships, which will be the last major competition ahead of the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Games, are scheduled for 22-31 January.

Representatives of IPC Alpine Skiing visited the venue for Tarvisio 2017, assessing aspects of the organisation for athletes, teams, spectators and media as well as inspecting the proposed courses.

Start positions for both the technical and speed races were reviewed, overlooked by the picturesque Monte Lussari.

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) are keen to host a festival of Para alpine skiing that attracts spectators from across the borders, in Austria and Slovenia, and the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in which the competition is being held.

Paolo Tavian, Chairperson of the LOC, said: “I was very happy to welcome IPC Alpine Skiing to Tarvisio, to continue or work together on this great event.

“We gathered many different people covering various areas, and our good relationship continues.

“I very much look forward to hosting all the athletes and teams in Tarvisio in just a few months time. The Mayor also asked me to pass on his good wishes, especially to those teams who have already registered their interest to compete.

“I can’t wait for the Championships to get underway but I wish everyone a good season beforehand.”

The LOC are considering plans for various events to enhance the experience of spectators and participants, as well as giving them a taste of the local culture. Entry to all events and the competition will be free.

Over the coming months, organisers will continue to spread the word about Tarvisio 2017 across Friuli Venezia Giulia. This will include an official presentation of the Championships at Barcolana, the biggest boat race in Europe, in a few days time.

Markus Walser, Chairperson of the IPC Alpine Skiing Sport Technical Committee (STC), who was present on the visit said: “The LOC have put a huge amount and time and effort into the organisation of these Championships, paying close attention to the details. They have also made plans to expand the reach of the event beyond Tarvisio, into neighbouring countries and into local schools.

“They are trying to leave a legacy behind for Para sport in the area, which is one of the most important aspects of hosting any of our competitions.”

Walser was joined on the visit by Ozzie Sawicki, the STC Head of Technical Control and Officiating, Dimitrije Lazarovski, Head of IPC Snow Sports and members of the International Paralympic Committee broadcast and media teams.