Registration Open for Colorado's Paralympic Conference

The 2009 Developing Amazing Leaders Paralympic Conference is officially registering interested participants for its now annual event in working toward a successful Paralympic future. 03 Feb 2009 By IPC

The Paralympic Conference is presented by US Paralympics and will be held at the US Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs, USA, from 17-20 April. This year’s conference promises to be as successful as the 2008 event.

During this conference, leaders of the Paralympic Movement and those wishing to begin new Paralympic Sport programmes will have the opportunity to learn from different experiences, and ultimately inspire one another. Workshop sessions will provide hands-on experience with a variety of Paralympic sports, and lead an open dialogue about the best practices. A number of athletes will also be at the conference. Some of the session themes will include building a community sponsorship, amputee athletes pushing the limits, and military and the community.

The conference also aims to expand sport opportunities for injured veterans and existing Paralympic programmes that engage injured service members.

For registration, as well as more information about the Developing Amazing Leaders Paralympic Conference, please visit