Rehabilitation Congress Brings Innovation to Amsterdam

The fourth International State-of-the-art Congress for “Rehabilitation: Mobility, Exercise & Sports” (7-9 April), brought experts from all around the world to the Vrije University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 13 Apr 2009 By IPC

The theme of the congress highlights the development which has taken place at the MOVE Research Institute of the Vrije University since 1991. Originally the focus was on manual wheelchairs, and has moved to a much broader perspective of mobility restoration, active lifestyle, exercise, training and sports in the context of rehabilitation practice today.

The internationally renowned experts in the field of rehabilitation, mobility, exercise and sports Maria Hopman, Walter Frontera, Rory Cooper, Andrew Hansen, Yves Vanlandewijck, Mark Nash, Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey, Karin Gerrits and Ivo van Hilvoorde accepted the invitation to present their views on the current state-of-the-art on different topics in rehabilitation and human movement sciences.

A total of three main topics were detailed during the congress, including mobility (wheeled mobility, handcycling, prosthetic & orthotic gait, and aging & chronic disease), exercise (exercise capacity, physical activity, training, FES & hybrid exercise), and sports (performance, running, wheeled sports, disability & classification).

The Research Institute MOVE focuses on prevention and recovery of injury and disorders of the musculoskeletal system and on optimal recovery of tissue and function. Furthermore, MOVE wants to apply results of research, which are related to prevent injury and other health problems, as well as improve performance, in ergonomics and sports.

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