Sochi to reopen Olympic Park exhibits

Throughout the Paralympics, fans will be able to enjoy sponsored exhibits and hospitality houses to take in the full Sochi 2014 experience. 04 Mar 2014
Sochi 2014 Paralympic cauldron

The Sochi 2014 Paralympic cauldron awaits the Winter Games inside the Olympic Park.

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By Sochi 2014

After enjoying great popularity during the Olympic Games, the House of Fans of the Russian Team will be open during the Paralympic Games.

The Sochi 2014 Olympic Park is again opening its doors to the city's residents and Games spectators. Fans will now be able to visit the Olympic Park almost all day from 8-15 March from 7:30-23:30.

On the days of the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Paralympics on 7 and 16 March, the Olympic Park will be open only to Ceremony ticket holders. Spectators can enter the Olympic Park when holding a ticket to any event taking place that same day until 22:30 or with a separate ticket that provides access to the Park and which can be purchased for 200 rubles at the ticket office at the Olympic Park railway station.

The Park ticket gives spectators the ability to visit all pavilions in the Olympic Park but doesn’t provide entrance to the sports venues of the coastal or mountain clusters. Each spectator will also need a Spectator Pass to gain entry to the Olympic Park.

During the Paralympic Winter Games 7-16 March, nearly all the same services and activities in place during the Olympic Games will be available to Olympic Park visitors. These include Russian regions exhibitions, the hospitality centres of the Krasnodar Region and the PyeongChang Organising Committee for the 2018 Winter Games, Ded Moroz Residence, the Russian team’s fan house and various events and shows in the pavilions of Russian and International Partners of the Games.

A barrier-free environment has been created in all pavilions to ensure all visitors feel comfortable when visiting the Olympic Park.

At the entrance area of the Olympic Park, visitors are met by a colourful pavilion consisting of eight exhibitions that represent regions of the eight Russian Federal Districts. A wide range of folk performances accompanied by dancing, cultural music, tastings of national cuisine and arts and crafts workshops will be held every day at the exhibition. Up to 5,000 people per day will attend the exhibition.

The Krasnodar Region Hospitality House is part of the exhibition of Russian regions, which aims to broaden guests’ knowledge of the cultural and historic traditions of the peoples that live in the region where the Games are being staged and to create an atmosphere of traditional Kuban hospitality.

The Adygea House will stand out for its rich cultural programme, which consists of presentations by Adyghe performance groups; displays of models of traditional clothing made by experts; museum exhibitions with the services of a guide; free presentations to visitors about the history of the Adyghe (Circassian) people and their customs. At the Kunatskaya House, visitors will be able to meet senior people from the Adyghe community of Kuban, who will talk about the life of their people in Krasnodar Region, accomplishments, traditions and customs.

The PyeongChang 2018 Hospitality House will showcase an interesting cultural entertainment program in the form of traditional South Korean music and dances. Visitors will also have the chance to see the techniques of traditional Korean medicine: acupuncture and massage. Spectators, athletes and the media will be able to enjoy an exhibition that commemorates the staging of the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang.

On 7 March, the Ded Moroz Residence will throw open its doors to visitors. The residence was constructed using traditional elements of wooden architecture and architectural methods that showcase the colour of the Russian north.

The main Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Superstore, which covers more than 5,000 square meters, immediately attracts the attention of the Park’s visitors. It will offer more than 3,500 official Sochi 2014 items, such as eye-catching badges and souvenirs, toys, clothing, pet accessories, all the plush Games mascots and much more. A place of honour will be given to the Sochi 2014 collection, which will include all the traditional products: sweatshirts, several types of athletic outfits, short- and long-sleeved polo shirts, winter jackets and pants, sweaters and cardigans, men’s cable-knit products, T-shirts and a large selection of accessories.

The Coca-Cola traveling exhibition - Coca-Cola Park "In Motion!" – that is promoting an active lifestyle will travel to cities in Russia immediately after the Paralympic Winter Games. This is not only a fascinating journey into the world of Coca-Cola, where you can learn about the history of the company, the brand and the legendary drink, but an interactive site where anyone can learn how to work out at home and outside, train like a professional athlete and also have the chance to take pictures with the Torch of the Paralympic Torch Relay.

The Samsung outdoor pavilion will showcase new products and host games contests and promotions for their visitors with the participation of famous athletes.

The Volkswagen Group Rus pavilion will present a small car show to its guests and organise a "Team Event" entertainment show using interactive techniques.

On the first floor of the Rosneft pavilion there will be nine zones with different orientation activities for visitors of all ages and tastes, including plasma screens with an interactive map of the Olympic Park and the competition statistics, video panorama, touch screens with information for spectators and interactive games, quests in the form of games, "augmented reality" technology demonstrations, infostand with the most interesting facts, ski and snowboard simulators.

In the Microsoft technology pavilion there will be product demonstrations, entertainment and activities for spectators - morning exercises with professional trainers, an "energy bar" with a collection of delicious teas, face painting and funny hairstyling, a games area for XBox enthusiasts and much more.

A watch shop will open on the first floor of the Omega pavilion with demonstrations of the timekeeping, time-stamping system and promotions will be held with the participation of stars.

Young visitors to the Olympic Park will find something to do in the children's playground.

After enjoying great popularity during the Olympic Games, the House of Fans of the Russian Team will be open during the Paralympic Games. The House exhibition will present visitors with an interactive showcase of the winter sports included in the competition program of the Games, as well as the Russian athletes competing at the Games.