Sport Science Discussed in Bonn

Last weekend, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Science Committee held its meeting in Bonn, Germany. 30 Oct 2007 By IPC

Main topics discussed included the 2008 ICSEMIS Conference, an important scientific conference IPC is supporting as main partner. Proposals for keynote presentations and symposia were discussed and elaborated.

Furthermore, the group headed by IPC Science Committee chairperson Yves Vanlandewijck discussed the need for collaborative research efforts in Paralympic sports, particularly in the area of classification research and sports counselling, especially on the basis of current scientific networking initiatives. The members also identified the need for research in classification on the basis of conceptual frameworks. Strategies to support sports in this exercise have been discussed as well.

The Committee also reviewed the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games Research Applications, the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games Operations Plan, the policy of IPC representation at major conferences and congresses as well as the dissemination of research findings via publications, website and other educational efforts.