Success of WoMentoring celebrated

A project to develop female leaders within the Paralympic Movement will conclude in Bonn, Germany, with sharing of experiences and evaluation. 12 Feb 2016
Tine Teilmann portrait

Tine Teilmann is Chairperson of IPC Women in Sport Committee


“There are some fantastic stories of women who have gained confidence and skills because of the guidance from their mentors, encouraging them to achieve great things.”

Representatives from across the Paralympic Movement have gathered in Bonn, Germany, on 12-13 February, to celebrate the success of the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) innovative WoMentoring project.

WoMentoring was established to help contribute towards the Movement’s goal of having 30 per cent of women in leadership positions. Delivered by the IPC’s development arm, the Agitos Foundation, it has involved 16 pairs of mentors and mentees in an 18-month long programme of education and development.

The wrap-up event in Bonn will feature testimonials from mentors and mentees on how WoMentoring has helped them to develop in their career, including gaining promotions and various positions of influence within National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) and para-sport organisations.

Tine Rindum Teilmann, Chairperson of the IPC’s Women in Sport Committee, said: “Whilst we still have a way to go before we achieve parity of gender representation within the Paralympic Movement, and of course sports administration more generally, WoMentoring has given participants the tools they need to grow into strong leaders.

“There are some fantastic stories of women who have gained confidence and skills because of the guidance from their mentors, encouraging them to achieve great things.

“At the heart of the Paralympic Movement’s mission is to promote and grow the abilities of underrepresented groups in society, and the IPC does not forget it's responsibilities towards women who all too often fit that criteria within sport.”

Eimear Breathnach is a former para-table tennis player who was mentored by Christine Nash, Co-Deputy Head of the Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. Breathnach was recently appointed as a Vice President of Paralympics Ireland.

“I had hoped that at the culmination of my plan to be in a position to be counted in para-sport and to encourage other women to take control of their destiny in sport,” Breathnach said.

“I have recently achieved part of that goal as I am now a Vice President of Paralympics Ireland. Hopefully my progress in para-sport will encourage other women to achieve their goals and succeed in sport.”

Other mentees have joined NPC Athlete Commissions and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games delegations as well as being at the forefront of developing national sport programmes.

The wrap-up event is being used as an opportunity to evaluate the overall impact of WoMentoring and its long-term impacts, before a later follow-up is carried out. Mentors and mentees will also be encouraged to continue their relationships and apply their mentoring experience to increase its use within the Paralympic Movement.

During the event, updates will be shared on @Agitos and, the social media accounts of the IPC’s development arm.