Turkey Institutes Paralympic School Day Programme

28 Jul 2011 By IPC

In order to raise awareness about people with a disability in schools in Turkey, the Turkish National Paralympic Committee is instituting a Paralympic School Day (PSD) training programme.

The three-hour programme, led by teachers trained by the National Paralympic Committee’s education department, consists of theatrical presentations, experimental games and Paralympic Sport simulations, including Wheelchair Basketball and Goalball.

The objective is simply to raise awareness and promote equal rights for people with a disability. The progamme is offered 10 to 14-year-olds and has already been completed in 20 schools in Istanbul. The project will now be expanded to all primary schools in Turkey pursuant to a protocal signed by the Ministry of National Education.

PSD is an educational programme initiated by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) with the aim of creating awareness and understanding in schools about people with a disability. The IPC created a PSD kit containing a set of activities and background information that can be used to educate the world’s youth about Paralympic sport, individual differences and disability issues in a fun and playful environment.

For more information on the IPC’s PSD programme, please email [email protected]