Turkish NPC and NOC sign historic agreement

The two organisations will share knowledge and best practice in the aim of improving Turkey’s performances internationally. 17 Feb 2015 By NPC Turkey

The Presidents of the Turkish Olympic (NOC) and Paralympic (NPC) committees have signed a historic agreement aimed at sharing knowledge and best practice with a view to providing new impetus to Turkish sport on the international stage.

The objective of the agreement, which was signed by NOC President Professor Dr. Ugur Erdener and NPC President Yavuz Kocaomer, is to open new means of communication and co-operation between the two organisations.

President Kocaomer said: Sports is the only conception that magically embodies both, competition and unifying values. And the only way to catch up with contemporary civilisations and attain their level in sports is to unite our forces and contend with such values.

“The step we have taken with this agreement is the best example of the sine qua non unifying spirit of sports. I believe this co-operation will be a fresh driving force for all our athletes, handicapped or not, sweating for the star-crescent flag.”

President Professor Dr. Ugur Erdener said “I consider it very important for Turkish sports that with this collaboration we shall walk with TNPC hand-in-hand towards assimilation and promotion of Olympic values. Both Committees have agreed in mutual goodwill, confidence and serving sports.

“Henceforward, we shall jointly be involved in and contribute to the organisation of major international sporting events in Turkey and together toil for sporting achievements sharing our knowledge and experiences.”