USADA Launches Anti-Doping Campaign

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has launched a wide-reaching campaign called “I COMPETE CLEAN because…” which aims to encourage athletes and fans of all ages to take a proactive stand for clean and healthy competition. 28 Jan 2010 By IPC

Included in the public service campaign is Paralympian Augusto Perez, who competed in the Wheelchair Curling event at the Torino 2006 Paralympic Games. The winter athletes who are taking part in the campaign advocate competing without cheating and free of performance-enhancing substances. The USADA says that high-impact and personal messages from athletes remind everyone that sport, played true, has the unique and powerful ability to teach positive life lessons, good values and unite people in our society.

Athletes participating in the campaign serve as passionate advocates for the mission of protecting clean sport, and have voluntarily committed their participation in allegiance to the principle of fair play. In this role, these athletes serve as representatives of their sports.

The mission of USADA serves and supports America’s clean athletes by preserving the integrity of competition, inspiring a commitment to the core principles of true sport, and protecting the rights of US athletes to compete healthy and clean. Through initiatives like “I COMPETE CLEAN because…” USADA continues to work toward the prevention of doping in sport, and inspire the replacement of such behaviour with positive, respectful competition.

USADA is the non-profit, independent and non-governmental entity responsible for the testing and results management process in the US for athletes in the Olympic and Paralympic Movement, upholding the Olympic ideal of fair play, and representing the interests of athletes. USADA is dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programmes.

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