VISTA 2011 Abstract Deadline 4 February

25 Jan 2011 By IPC

The official deadline for abstract submissions for the VISTA 2011 Conference (4 February) is quickly approaching.

The VISTA Conference was designed to promote and advance the mission, goals, objectives and reputation of the IPC and provides a platform for sport scientists to meet with experts in the field of sport for athletes with a disability. Due to a need for greater opportunities to discuss and exchange knowledge, the VISTA Conference has become an important international event for elite sport for athletes with a disability.

The IPC welcomes contributions on the following themes:

Athlete Development Models & Career Pathways


Coaching Innovation

Education & Awareness


Equity in Sport: gender, athlete with high support needs, etc.



Sport Management: Organization & Administration

Social Legacies

Sport performance – Exercise physiology, Advances in training techniques, Technical development, Sports medicine

Youth in Paralympic Sport

Bonn is preparing for a successful 2011 VISTA Conference from 31 August to 3 September 2011. Building on the success of previous editions in Jasper (Canada, 1993), Cologne (Germany, 1999), Bollnas (Sweden, 2003) and Bonn (Germany,

2006), VISTA 2011 will be the gathering of scientists, coaches, athletes, officials and administrators to exchange scientific knowledge and expertise and promote cross-disciplinary professional interaction in Paralympic Sport.

Different topics that drive the Paralympic Movement into the early 21st century are planned for the conference, and will include new and exciting discussions.

Keynote addresses will be given on the following priority themes for the Paralympic Movement by leading experts: International Sport Development, Challenges and Opportunities for the Paralympic Movement: Ethical and Conceptual Issues and

Classification in the Paralympic Movement.

The IPC welcomes presentation for one of the ‘free presentation sessions’ or ‘poster sessions’, no later than 4 February 2011.