WADA to develop new ADAMS for 2016

New version of the clearinghouse will be launched in 2016 following introduction of revised Code. 21 Jul 2014

“The new ADAMS will be a significant step forward from the original version that was launched for the anti-doping community 10 years ago."

WADA will call for organisations to submit proposals to develop a new Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS), which will be launched in 2016.

ADAMS is the worldwide anti-doping clearinghouse that simplifies the daily activities of organisations and athletes involved in the anti-doping system. The system has over 264,000 athletes’ profiles and is currently actively used by nearly 50,000 athletes.

The new version, which will be launched in 2016 following the introduction of revised Code, is being developed to further help with the administration and co-ordination of practices that protect clean sport. It promises to offer more flexibility and enhanced functionalities for the anti-doping community, including superior administrative capabilities, a progressive intelligence collection process, investigative collaboration, comprehensive research analysis and the ability to work alongside alternative anti-doping management systems.

The new ADAMS will provide improved functionalities in order to allow data, lab results, TUEs and information on Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) to be stored. Furthermore, the user-friendly system will make it easy for athletes in Registered Testing Pools to submit their Whereabouts.

The current version of ADAMS, meanwhile, will continually be upgraded with version 3.7 set to be introduced in August.

“The new ADAMS will be a significant step forward from the original version that was launched for the anti-doping community 10 years ago. ADAMS has brought significant advances to anti-doping practice, making it easier for athletes and anti-doping organisations to submit and share information in a co-ordinated fashion, and it will continue to do this in its current guise over the next two years as the revised Code is implemented,” said WADA Director General David Howman.

“From 2016, the new version of ADAMS will prove to be an even more efficient platform for the anti-doping community. We look forward to receiving proposals for this in the coming months,” he added.

ADAMS, which will be mandatory once the revised World Anti-Doping Code is introduced at the start of 2015, is the only anti-doping administration system in the world that offers the anti-doping community the ability to share information. Continual improvements to the current ADAMS will be made over the next two years in conjunction with feedback received from WADA’s stakeholders. This feedback will also prove useful in developing the new ADAMS in 2016.

WADA reminds athletes that an ADAMS Whereabouts App is available for free on both iPhone and Android devices, and offers a simple and efficient way for athletes to meet their anti-doping responsibilities.