Whang Youn-Dai Wins Women's Leadership Award

Dr. Whang Youn-Dai was recently named winner of the Citi-YWCA Women’s Leadership Award 30 Sep 2009 By IPC

Former President of the Korea Disabled People’s Development Institute Dr. Whang Youn-Dai was recently named winner of the Citi-YWCA Women’s Leadership Award.

Dr. Whang Youn-Dai suffered from polio at the age of three, and eventually became the first female physician with a disability in Korea. Dr. Youn-Dai took care of patients at the Severance Medical Centre where she established the Korean Polio Children’s Special Education and Welfare Association, opened the Chung Nip Polio Centre and was appointed as Director. She later served as Director of the Korea Employment Promotion Agency for persons with a disability.

YWCA Korea and Citibank Korea founded the Korea Women’s Leadership Awards in 2003 sponsored by Citigroup Foundation to annually acknowledge women leaders who have made great contributions to the Korean society with outstanding leadership, as well as young female leaders who demonstrate active and innovative leadership.

In 1988, a special Achievement Award was established in Dr. Whang Youn-Dai’s name at the Seoul Paralympic Games. The Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award has been presented to two athletes (one male and one female) at every Paralympic Games since then. The Prize is bestowed upon athletes who best exemplify the spirit of the Paralympic Games, regardless of the outcome of their performance, with the attitude of fair play. It is to honour those athletes who see beyond their limitations and who have a vision to better the world through sports and the Paralympic Games.

The Prize was named after Dr. Whang Youn Dai, because of her lifelong contribution and enthusiasm to promote the welfare of persons with a disability.

For more information about the Whand You Dai Achievment Award, please visit the official website.