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Nur Aini Bte Mohamad Yasl Mohamad Yasli



Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Short stature
Origin of Impairment

Further personal information

English, Malay
Higher education
Public Affairs, Public Policy and Administration - Nanyang Technological University: Singapore

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She began swimming at primary school and took up archery at high school. She also joined the dragon boat team at university before getting involved in powerlifting in 2017 at age 25 in Singapore.
Why this sport?
She was spotted by Singaporean Para powerlifter Kalai Vanen at a gym, and initially declined his invitation to train due to her studies. Vanen asked her again two years later. "He said we were having tryouts, and asked if I wanted to come down for fun. So I thought, 'Why not?' But I didn't know that it was the trials for the 9th ASEAN Para Games in Kuala Lumpur. So I went for fun. So they had me lift 20 kilogrammes, and then 35 kilogrammes. 35 kilogrammes was the bronze medal in 2015 [at the ASEAN Para Games] - it was easy."
Club / Team
Singapore Disability Sports Council: Singapore
Name of coach
Razak Mansoor, SGP, from 2018
Training Regime
She trains three times a week.

International debut

Competing for

General interest

Aini (Athlete, 22 Aug 2021)
Reading, food, driving, outdoor activities. (Athlete, 11 Jul 2019, 22 Aug 2021)
Memorable sporting achievement
Competing at the 2018 Asian Open Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan. "I met the world number one in my category for the first time. It changed my perspective about the sport." Also, qualifying for the 2020 Paralympic Games. (Athlete, 11 Jul 2019, 22 Aug 2021)
Most influential person in career
Coach Razak Mansoor. (Athlete, 22 Aug 2021)
Hero / Idol
Indonesian Para powerlifter Ni Nengah Widiasih, Singaporean Para swimmer Theresa Goh. (Athlete, 11 Jul 2019, 22 Aug 2021;, 09 Jul 2021)
She has undergone knee surgery and suffered shin fractures in a fall at home during her sporting career. (, 22 Apr 2021; Athlete, 22 Aug 2021)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs
She listens to sad songs before competitions as she says they calm her down. (Athlete, 22 Aug 2021)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"People have the mindset that impaired people have lesser abilities. But when they see that you have the strength too, they look at you in a different light." (, 15 Sep 2017)
Awards and honours
She and badminton player Terry Hee were flag bearers for Singapore at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. (, 28 Jul 2022)
She became the first powerlifter to represent Singapore at the Paralympic Games when she competed at the 2020 Games in Tokyo. (Singapore Disability Sports Council Facebook page, 21 Jun 2022; SportsDeskOnline, 12 Aug 2022)

She was the first female athlete representing Singapore to compete in powerlifting at the Asian Para Games. She placed fourth in the 45kg category at the 2018 Games in Indonesia. (SportsDeskOnline, 23 May 2019)
At age six she was diagnosed with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, a disorder of bone and cartilage development. In 2003 she underwent surgery to insert two metal splints into her legs to straighten them. (Singapore Disability Sports Council Facebook page, 21 Jun 2022;, 15 Sep 2017)
Other information
She has worked at Republic Polytechnic, a higher education institution in Singapore. (, 17 Dec 2021;, 22 Jun 2021)