IPC Launches New Four Year Strategic Plan for 2011-2014

05 May 2011 By IPC

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has published a new four year Strategic Plan to propel the Paralympic Games to the next level while increasing the number of people participating in Paralympic Sport at all levels around the world.

Developed during the second half of 2010, the plan aims to build on previously successful plans and is based on six strategic goals which support and contribute to the overall philosophy and vision of the Paralympic Movement.

The strategic plan follows on wide consultation with IPC members which started at the 2009 General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where members highlighted the need to not only continue hosting successful Paralympic Games and World Championships but to increase participation numbers. Furthermore members were interviewed and contributed on other strategic priorities through a detailed survey in 2010.

Sir Philip Craven, IPC President said: “The Paralympic Movement has achieved so much together since our first Strategic Plan in 2003.

“I don’t think anyone in 2003 would have dared to dream that we would one day have a Games like we had in Beijing, but that’s a real indication of what has been achieved.

“We are now at a point though where we need a renewed impetus, a new rush of hyper energy.

“This Strategic Plan is one of the most important and complex pieces of work the IPC has ever produced as it explains the future path of the Paralympic Movement.

“It primarily targets our members and will serve as a reference document to them and a source of inspiration for their long-term planning. At the same time it describes the IPC’s role and responsibilities as an International Federation for nine sports which must not be forgotten.”

The six goals the IPC will work towards over the next four years are:

1. Ensure successful Paralympic Games for all participants

2. Promote opportunities to engage in and grow Paralympic sports

3. Build greater understanding of the Paralympic brand

4. Ensure appropriate funding and identify revenue opportunities

5. Enhance efficient structures to ensure the ability to deliver

6. Leverage partnerships to use synergies and broaden the reach

The first three goals reflect the IPC’s core daily business where as the remaining three are tactical goals which help support the IPC’s core business.

Sir Philip Craven added: “This is a very exciting time for the Paralympic Movement. Through this plan the desire to maintain sporting excellence, while at the same time generating many new athletes and spreading the benefits of Paralympic Sport throughout society, will be at the core of the IPC’s philosophy and vision for years to come.”

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