IPC Statement - Men's Wheelchair Basketball Team Iran

Beijing, China - The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) today announced that the men's team from I.R. Iran has withdrawn from the tournament due to dissatisfaction with the draw proposed for the cross-over round and subsequent schedule. 13 Sep 2008 By IPC

Consequently, the game USA vs. Iran will be decided by IWBF Rulebook Rule 4, Article 20, “Game lost by Forfeit.” The USA will be awarded the win by the score of 20:0 in accordance with the applicable rule and will progress to the semi-finals.

The IWBF and the IPC regret this decision taken by Iran and the disruption caused to the tournament. Despite this occurrence, the IWBF iand the IPC are certain that the remaining teams will continue to participate to their best and an outstanding Gold medal game will be hosted on 16 September.