Two-Day IPC Conference Underway in Beijing, China

08 Dec 2011

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Conference got underway today (8 December) in Beijing, China with the aim of increasing and sharing the knowledge base of its near 200 members.

The conference aims to tie in with one of the Strategic Goals of the IPC’s Strategic Plan 2011-2014 which is to build the organizational capabilities of the Paralympic Movement.

Organized by the IPC Academy, the education division of the IPC, the two day conference will provide four educational programmes for National Paralympic Committees (NPC), International Federations, International Organizations of Sport for the Disabled (IOSDs) and Regional Organizations. Each programme will feature content and learning outcomes designed for the different organization’s stage of development.

The four programmes have been defined as and will cover

Programme One – Developed NPCs and Regional Organizations

Key outcomes: Maximizing strategic returns

Learning outcomes: Diversify revenue sources; refine broadcasting strategy to maximize broadcasting and marketing rights; strategically use events and Sports competitions for media and communication purposes; and utilize the international network for knowledge sharing

Programme Two – Growing NPCs/Regional Organizations

Key outcomes: Structuring and growing your organization

Learning outcomes: Establish a product structure and delivery plan to assist with securing funding for its implementation; establish a market for NPC products; develop a basic sponsorship structure; and develop athlete pathways

Programme Three – Establishing NPCs/Regional Organizations

Key outcomes: Establishing the structural foundations of your organization

Learning outcomes: Establish the basic functions in your organization; engage in strategic planning process; achieve organizational continuity; create a network for programme funding and Value in Kind (VIK) support; and develop athlete pathways

Programme Four – International Federations and IOSDs

Key outcomes: Growing and developing International Federations

Learning outcomes: Create and deliver Paralympic Games excellence; develop a communication strategy to improve communications with the IPC; interact with National Federations to ensure their engagement in athlete pathway development; and promote your support globally through integrated development planning.

Following the IPC Conference, the 15th IPC General Assembly will take place this weekend (10 and 11 December). More than 300 attendees are expected at the event which will consider a number of items including policy for the generation of far more Paralympic athletes worldwide and the IPC budget.