29646-Roman Agalakov photo

Roman Agalakov



Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Vision impairment
S13, SB13, SM13

Further personal information

Wife Yekaterina
Shymkent, KAZ
Athlete, Massage Therapist, Photographer

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He took up swimming at age six in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, and began the sport professionally in 2015.
Why this sport?
A doctor advised him to begin swimming due to weakness of his lungs. He took up the sport professionally after a coach learned that he had a vision impairment and invited him to join the team.
Club / Team
Shymkent Sports Club for the Impaired No.19: Kazakhstan
Name of coach
Saniya Asulova [personal], KAZ, from 2015

International debut

Competing for

General interest

Playing the guitar, photography, video filming. (Athlete, 19 Aug 2021)
Memorable sporting achievement
Competing at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and winning silver in the S13 100m butterfly at the 2017 World Championships in Mexico City, Mexico. (Athlete, 19 Aug 2021)
Most influential person in career
His coach Saniya Asulova. (Athlete, 19 Aug 2021)
Hero / Idol
US swimmer Michael Phelps. (Athlete, 19 Aug 2021)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Fear not that your life will come to an end, but rather that it shall never have a beginning." [John Henry Newman] (VK profile, 01 May 2016)
Awards and honours
He holds the title of Master of Sport of International Class in Kazakhstan. (Athlete, 27 Sep 2017)
To win gold medals at the Paralympic Games and the world championships. (Athlete, 19 Aug 2021)


Unit Date Rank
Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's 100 m Butterfly S13 Heat 1 2016-09-08 4
Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM13 Heat 1 2016-09-10 5
Men's 50 m Freestyle S13 Heat 1 2016-09-14 4
Men's 100 m Freestyle S13 Heat 3 2016-09-16 7
Mexico City 2017 World Para Swimming Championships (Mexico City, Mexico)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's 100 m Butterfly S13 Final 1 2017-12-04 2
Men's 50 m Freestyle S13 Final 1 2017-12-05 4
Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM13 Heat 1 2017-12-06 5
Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM13 Final 1 2017-12-06 5
Men's 100 m Freestyle S13 Final 1 2017-12-07 4