IOC President Thomas Bach looks forward to closer relationship with IPC

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee congratulated the International Paralympic Committee on its 25th anniversary.

He said:
"Dear IPC President and friend Sir Philip Craven, dear friends of the Paralympic Movement, ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately I cannot be with you in person tonight, which I really regret, but it is impossible due to other commitments. So please accept by way of this video message, my heartfelt congratulations on 25 years of the IPC.
You can look back on 25 years with great pride, but also with great confidence into the future. And, knowing your President, Sir Philip, a little bit, I’m sure he would concentrate on the look into the future of the IPC and he will find ways to make this future even brighter than the past.
You have achieved a lot, starting with your founding President Dr. Robert Steadward, and then under the leadership of Sir Philip. Both have done tremendous work for the IPC and you have changed your philosophy completely.
Now, you are an organisation which is looking for performance, which is athlete centred and capturing the hearts of the people. Therefore, you have all the good reasons to celebrate today and to be in a very good mood.
As you know, the IOC has supported and will support the IPC by whichever means we can. And this support and co-operation is of great importance to the IOC. This is why I have appointed Mr Sam Ramsamy, whom you know in the meantime, as the special IOC delegate member to the IPC, and to sport for athletes with a disability. I’m sure that we can do even more together in the future, that we can co-operate even closer, and that we can lead together the Olympic Movement and the Paralympic Movement to new heights.
Enjoy the evening and really now I’m looking forward to seeing you all together at another occasion. Thank you very much."