Kopie von International Ice Sledge Hockey Tournament "4 Nations" Sochi

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Rolf Pedersen, Defender (Norway):
Well, we had the good start. We know that Canada is a good team and has many good players, so it was very fast and hard first period, but we managed to get a goal, so we were quite happy.

Oh, you know, the Russian team has become better and better the last few years. First time we played against Russian team couple years ago, it has been 15:0, so that was on the first game, but they have developed a lot, a lot of training, they have a lot of good players and of course Russia has a great hockey tradition, so it was just question of time before they get on top of this sport.

We enjoyed the arena very much. We enjoy Russian people and hotel, and we are quite happy with the food and everything, so it`s very good to see what you have managed to build here in a short time, so we are very happy to be here.