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Athlete Career Programme Emma Preuschl story

Emma Preuschl


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Emma Preuschl – Registered Dietician Nutritionist – and Paralympic rower

Emma Preuschl, a two-time Paralympic rower and silver medallist, was employed as a participant in Team USA Athlete Career Programme. She worked with a major conglomerate as a HealthAhead Coordinator gaining valuable professional experience in nutrition and corporate wellness. She gained work experience, but more importantly, her job with the Team USA Career programme allowed her to continue to train full time and compete in the London 2012 Paralympic Games, a goal she wasn't sure she could achieve without a job and a regular paycheck. Just a year earlier, she had been struggling to figure out how she would balance the juggling act of paying her bills, gaining work experience and rowing:

"Training 30 hours a week is stressful enough," she found. Trying to figure out if you have enough money to pay your student loans and grocery bills really can affect performance both on the field of play and personal life. With the help of the the Team USA Programme, gainful employment not only relieved her from the stress of having a regular source of income, but it also gave her a boost of confidence and self-assurance, “It allowed me to grow as a person and not just as an athlete.” she says.

“Emma has been a joy to work with. Not only has she inspired the team but she has inspired employees as well. From her web blogs called ‘ePanut Butter Diaries’ to her rowing prowess to her energetic smile, she has been a fabulous asset to the team.”

- Jerome Waller, HealthAhead Certification Leader, GE

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